Bringing the ‘Goan state of mind’ to newly built holiday villas






PUNE, Maharashtra

The Space

Initially just an empty plot of land void of any structure, the site was to transform into 8 holiday villas, situated on a sloping, Goan hill with a splendid view.

The Ask

To bring a noticeable yet elegant Goan Portuguese influence to the villas while maintaining the holiday home aesthetic with a flowy, energetic vibe. The requirement was to work closely with the architect from the inception and be a part of the project from the ground up.

The Result

Goan traditional architecture has a magical language that is intricate, full of culture, and very artistic. Even for us, Goa is a very important place from a design point of view. It affords us the freedom we desire to play around with aesthetics, and designs.
Since the client had planned to unveil the space as holiday homes, we were not concerned about the storage spaces. So, instead of making any major structural transformations we added interesting little details. We used a lot of coloured tiles, as per Goan homes, to liven up the space.
To uplift the mood of the room, we went with shades of yellow for the walls. This combined with soft yellow and white lights, helped us bring out the naturally calm yet energetic vibe of the space. There was a lot of room to play around with materials, and we decided to set up several sitting areas around the space, each with an atmosphere of its own. Since the villas had high ceilings, that worked in our favour as well.
All this led to piecing together a fun, fabulous holiday home for people to take a break and enjoy Goa, in their own way.